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out of the red she said

friends only, because i want it that way.
comment and say why and i'll most likely add you.
all those on my friends list already stay on.
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because i <3 you tons.
and i'm harmless, really. :) your secrets are safe with me.
and i <3 you millions :) i meant to make it clearer that anyone on my friends list now was staying on, so don't worry. xx


12 years ago

me...cos...its me
& you know i wouldnt hurt you.
well i hope so.
i know :)
because ithinkyouareeffinamazing <3333333333
i think the same about you
and of course you're staying
add me write so beautifully.
you were already added so you're staying on, and thankyou<3
because i've only just found you again after losing you for so long.
i missed you<3 and yeah am adding you
i dont feel i should have to say why i want to be added, because if u dont want to add me (keep me) then dont. im not gunna beg like mos ppl do, & tell you shit like "i love you, you write so beautiful" & crap. i hate hearing the same lines over & over again. it's like an endless recording.
you don't have to say why you want to be added, because you already are so i obviously like you. this entry really didn't apply to anyone on ym friends list :/ i should've made that more obvious. of course i'm keeping you. how are you? xo
haha evie would never get rid of me because i'm just so damn irresistable. evie i want to write like you <33
lol loove you. and your writing is gorgeous. xx
i should be added.

because i'm your best friend

you are added, silly-head =) mwah.
hey love, itsnofairytale here.
someone read my journal that i didn't want to, so i deleted it and made a new one that is friends only. i want to be added because this is a creative writing only diary,no personal stuff so no one's feelings get hurt, hopefully there will be less crap
oh i'm glad noted me, i got really worried when i saw your journal had been deleted :/ of course i'll add you. <33
I'm a loyal reader, and I'll keep your secrets safe :)
isn't this jenny/virus with shoes from TOD?
i'll add you either way though :)
you are beautiful
this is alice, foreverblack from tod
i just went there to check for notes and saw yours
add me?
added you, sorry it took so long <333


12 years ago

Hmmm okay so I was surfwax730 and choke on my heart on TOD. You left me a note and a link to your live journal so we'd stay in touch. Sounds good to me. Ummm so note me back and I'll add you to my friends list or something. If I ever figure this damn site out...
i have added you, add me back? <3
your writing is amazing! The entire time I was reading the above entry my mouth was open in shock, amazement... I don't know. I even stared dumbly at the screen after I was finished.

I swear, scout's honor. lol.

I was wondering if you would mind if I added you to my friend's list. <3

thankyou, i really appreciate you saying that. i will hardly ever post creative writing in this journal, though. you can find it in my TOD if you want (my website link). if you still want to add me to your friends list anyway, that's fine, i'll add you back. <3
ah okay I added you sorry for the delay. Beautiful writing love. I absolutely love it. <3
new diary, darl.
add me,
love hana x x
evie, my darling, it's fae_of_dreams. i've left that journal, because i need a fresh start. if you'd like to find me there, just comment and i'll add you.
take care. and happy new year.
i keep disapearing on you, im sorry darl.
i missed you, how you doing?
hana (:
i lost track of where you were.
i'm doing good, how're you?
can i add you again? x


12 years ago

Add me, doll?
of course. out of interest, do i know you from somewhere? only we have quite a few mutual friends.


11 years ago